[ C L I C K  H E R E  T O  R E T U R N  T O  T H E  M A I N  P A G E ]

A B O U T   A . R . F .
S U C C E S S  S T O R I E S
C O N T A C T  U S
M A K E  A  D O N A T I O N

H E L P  U S  H E L P  T H E  A N I M A L S  O F  A R U B A.

Each board member of the Animal Relief Foundation Aruba (ARFAruba) started out as a tourist visiting the Island of Aruba. As much as we loved visiting the Island, we were greatly disturbed by the number of dogs and puppies across the island that were homeless, hungry and sick.  Over the years, we have rescued many dogs and a number of cats – bringing them to the veterinarian, feeding them, bathing them, and finding these animals foster and forever homes.  In March 2007, we raised money for a spay/neuter program bringing two U.S. veterinarians and eight veterinary technicians to Aruba to provide this service.  We coordinated this event with the local animal rights organization and one of the veterinary services in Aruba.  Everyone worked together to make this a successful project and 65 dogs and cats were spayed/neutered free of charge.

We have raised money for the local Aruba animal organizations, donated a computer, paid veterinary bills, and we continue to rescue dogs and cats.

We have been very fortunate in receiving donations from other concerned tourists and contemplated starting a fundraising foundation.  Early in 2010, another concerned tourist, who is also an attorney, contacted us and volunteered to assist us in establishing the Animal Relief Foundation Aruba.  She obtained a Federal tax ID number and Federal tax exempt status for our organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

It is our intent to receive donations and use those funds to pay for programs that will help the animals of Aruba.  No donated moneys are used for salaries or for the benefit of anyone other than the animals of Aruba.

The ARFaruba Board currently includes:

Kathy Andreottola.  Kathy has been visiting the Island of Aruba for over twenty years.  She built a house there several years ago, has retired and lives on the Island full time.  Kathy is our woman “on-site”  Kathy has been involved in rescue, foster care, feeding of stray dogs.  She also is tireless in her efforts to bring the animals to the Aruba veterinarians for treatment, locate forever homes and transport dogs and puppies to the United States to their new families.

Renee Brock.  Renee has been vacationing in Aruba for just two years but quickly noticed the need to help the homeless hungry dogs and cats. Renee has been involved with animal rescue activities for many years in the U.S. as a volunteer for a trap, neuter and release (TNR) organization for feral cats as well as by adopting her own pets from shelters.  Renee graciously volunteered to deal with the complex legal aspects of establishing this non-profit foundation.

Cheryl Caron.  Cheryl has been visiting Aruba for over twenty years.  She also has a home there next door to Kathy.  Together, Kathy and Cheryl organized the spay/neuter program noted above, have rescued many dogs and a few cats, do fundraising and transporting animals to forever homes.  Cheryl has an artistic side so she paints pictures of Aruba scenery and Kathy sells the paintings to raise money to pay for the veterinary bills of our rescue animals on the Island.  We’ve just begun to take crafts and paintings to the flea market on the main road in Aruba on weekends so keep an eye out for our booth.

Cathy LaFace. We met Cathy on the beach one day a few years ago in Aruba.  She was concerned about a female dog that was pregnant and hungry wandering the beach.  She called us for help. When we arrived, Cathy was feeding and petting the dog with tears in her eyes.  She asked for our help and we took the dog to the veterinarian where she received care and delivered her pups a few weeks later.  Cathy came back to the Island specifically to adopt this same dog, now called Oxi.  She and her family have since adopted three homeless dogs from the Island. Cathy has been instrumental in raising funds and returning to Aruba to help us find homes for these special animals.  She continues in her dedication to help the animals of Aruba.

Stella Robertson.  Stella is a fairly recent frequent visitor to Aruba. She visited the Island with her husband for a week’s vacation just over two years ago and during that week, bought a house there.  She had just retired and now spends almost six months of the year in Aruba. She has volunteered at the Animal Rights Aruba animal shelter, going there sometimes twice a day to clean out the pens, feed and exercise the rescued dogs and take them to the veterinarian for medical attention.  She has worked closely with Cheryl and Kathy to rescue and care for the street dogs they find.





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